Total arrangements of
international conferences

     Highly professional interpreters can be available to meet your needs. Consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting and escorting interpreting can be available. We also arrange international conference sand seminars, and provide simultaneous interpreting and AV devices.

     We particularly have high reputation in IT and high-tech fields, business negotiations and legal matters.

00/10/23 Wireless Japan Seminar
COMFORT inc. provided simultaneous interpreting services for Wireless Japan - the largest mobile communications related events in Japan.

00/10/23 Billing and customer Care seminar
COMFORT inc. provided a simultaneous interpreting service for Billing and Customer Care Seminar in Century Hyatt Hotel during June 20 and 22.

00/10/23 Bluetooth seminar
COMFORT inc. provided a simultaneous interpreting service for the Bluetooth seminar in June 21 in Tokyo Kokusai Forum.

00/10/23 Simultaneous interpreting for 3G Summit
COMFORT inc. provided simultaneous interpreting service for the 3G mobile communication Summit in Four Seasons hotel during October 3 and 5, 2000.

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Apply for our job detabase!
     COMFORT inc. is a group of experts in various fields. We don't employ people, but instead, we accept your registrations to our corporate database with classifications of skills. Job assignments shall be made on project by project basis, and the remuneration shall be paid on the performance and results of the assignment. We work together on our Intranet basis; thus we normally don't care your geographical area to live.
The applicants have to fulfill the following basic requirements:
1.Person with highly professional skills and independence
2.Person to honor the contractual obligations
3.Person with basic PC skills to work in our Intranet environment
4.Person with good communication skills to work as a team on a project by project basisEspecially,our members, though highly professional, prefer comfortable work stiles.
5.A part time job is acceptable